We can’t even begin to figure out the Maple Leafs. Considering the past few seasons for the Blue Jays, Toronto hasn’t had an easy puzzle as far as sports go. It’s why most Torontonians embrace sports nihilism.
» 4/27/15 11:41am Yesterday 11:41am

The sports media has the worst extrinsic awareness around, fostering a stick-to-sports attitude that creates villains out of those who wish to put a spotlight on any legal infractions. The word ‘adversity’ is a eye-roll worthy buzzword meant to cover anything and everything, making equal something as egregious… » 4/26/15 7:19pm Sunday 7:19pm

Everything is a tool of Satan these days. Reverend Lovejoy had it right: "Have you ever read [the Bible] Marge? According to this, we can't even go to the bathroom." » 4/17/15 1:29pm 4/17/15 1:29pm

Yeah, I was thinking about that lately. Franzen is either really good, or absolutely invisible. And yet, I could never get too mad, because I knew he had the skill to score five goals in a single night. Here’s hoping he can become symptom-free for himself and his family.
» 4/16/15 4:07pm 4/16/15 4:07pm