A Lincoln Town Car. And I know this by experience. Seats are comfy, you have enough space to lay down (and there's enough space to separate you and the driver from awkward conversations, nor can he poke you and ask you to wake up without stopping). » 12/18/14 11:40am Yesterday 11:40am

Okay, so my Twitter suggestion of a Mastretta is probably not going to fly (even though I would love to read about the struggle of it in resale), so here's my second suggestion: a Hummer H1 Alpha. » 12/09/14 3:03pm 12/09/14 3:03pm

That's fine, but they had to play an actual championship game, and they destroyed the opponent. TCU and Baylor, had their conference been competent, would have had a rematch. Both teams get screwed over by a terrible conference in both skill and planning. » 12/07/14 1:09pm 12/07/14 1:09pm

Small, rear-wheel drive cars. The recent Scion FRS has spoiled us, and given us false hope. We see things like the Code 130R or the IDX, and we expect them to come because, "hey, Toyota brought us the FRS! There is hope for us!" We're probably "stuck" with the Miata and FRS/BRZ though. » 12/04/14 11:49am 12/04/14 11:49am

Alright Torch, this brings up a proper question; given the techniques Volkswagen used in the commercial, what MPG would the following cars reach?
1. Toyota Prius
2. Ford Mustang V6
3. BMW M4
4. Ferrari 458 Italia
5. Range Rover Autobiography » 12/01/14 10:59pm 12/01/14 10:59pm

I'd argue that the Citroen Traction Avant should go on this list. It wasn't the first car to use front wheel drive, but it marketed front wheel drive accessibly to a larger audience. Furthermore, it used a steel monocoque. It may not be the most significant to enthusiasts, but it is the proto-design for 90% of cars… » 11/24/14 11:31am 11/24/14 11:31am

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